ViewMyLife will rock your web life

viewmylife.jpgWhat if you can do all your web activities or your web life into one site? Your email, web profile, blog, photo and video albums, your family tree, daily calendar of events, contact directories all into one place on the web? Plus you get other nifty web applications and widgets such as weather bulletins, stock quotes etc.? Wouldn’t it make your web life simpler and easier to manage? ViewMyLife can actually make you do those things.

viewmylife_screenshots.jpgTechnically, ViewMyLife is a Rich Internet Application built on Adobe Flash. The portal is colorfully rendered with flash backgrounds that change every once in awhile. Despite using Adobe Flash for its interface, ViewMyLife loads faster than you can blink your own eyes. If you are using Windows Live Spaces, ViewMyLife is somehow similar minus the white background.

On the web aspect of ViewMyLife, it is not a social networking per se. It is better classified as a Lifestream or Personal Mash-up. ViewMyLife provides a single point for networking, email, managing contacts and data, sharing photos, and instant communication, whether for business or personal purposes. ViewMyLife combines all the tools that you used and could possible need under one dashboard.

Signing up to create your ViewMyLife profile is free and easy. I’m telling you right now, the first time I login to the site, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It’s one colorful web environment that would really entice you to use it. I got to give credit to the developers of ViewMyLife for a job definitely well done. I got to stop writing now because I got to get back to building my ViewMyLife profile. I hope to see you all at ViewMyLife, Rotorblog readers.