View Twitter as Hashtag Photo Albums Rather Than Text

Following hashtags is one way to stay afloat of the conversation happening on Twitter, and a new startup Hashalbum wants to take this to a more visual level. The company groups photos shared on Twitter together using hashtags, to give you a visual understanding of what’s being passed around the Twitter-verse right now.

Hashalbum uses a unique algorithm to determine what people are talking about on Twitter, judged solely by the pictures they’re sharing.

Interested in seeing who’s who at the latest social gaming conference? Want to view all the pictures of your favorite celeb? Simply visit Hashalbum’s site and search for the hashtag you’re interested in, and voila – you’ve got a nicely organized album of tweeted photos at your fingertips.

Ben McDonald, co-founder of Hashalbum, discusses how Hashalbum helps to bring Twitter more into the mainstream consciousness:

“We believe the low adoption rate [of Twitter in the US] is largely attributable to poor presentation. The information on Twitter is difficult to filter and is missing an in-your-face presentation of the more visually engaging elements of the data, namely photos and videos. Hashalbum is solving that problem by providing a searchable, topic-based illustration of the data.”

Hashalbum currently has over 100,000 hashtag-organized, real-time albums that you can browse through.

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