View Other People’s Twitter Timelines With Updated “Following” Page

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will let you view the tweets from the accounts that another user follows.

Sound a bit confusing? Basically, when you navigate to another user’s profile on, you are presented with a number of options to find out more about that user. You can read their tweets, view their favorites, and check out who they’re following, who follows them, and lists they’ve create or ones they follow. It’s the “following” tab that will be experiencing an overhaul, according to an announcement from Twitter.

Clicking on “Following” used to bring you to a page that listed the accounts that account was following, including their bio and image. The new update, however, shows you tweets from the accounts that user follows – which, in essence, is the original account’s Twitter timeline.

Twitter announced the new feature in a tweet on Thursday afternoon, but the new feature isn’t available to everyone yet. I haven’t seen it personally, but ReadWriteWeb got a hold of the following screenshot:

As you can see, those users who have early access to the new feature are presented with a timeline of the tweets from the accounts that their own follower follows.

Have you seen the new feature yet? What do you think – too much information? Or does it entice you to follow more accounts that are connected to yours by one degree of separation?