Video's Place in the Social Web

I’ve been spending a lot of today working on my overall strategy for Social Times and it has increasingly become apparent that video is going to play a big role. I read Robert Scoble’s article about and immediately got excited. I immediately went over to the Mogulus website and checked out their service. I have to say it’s pretty impressive. I watched their demo video which was equally impressive. All of this got me thinking about these new tools and the impact on traditional media. You can be located anywhere and break news, stream a show or do anything related to the various channels that you end up managing.

These tools are creating a revolution. I could ultimately reproduce (in low quality) an alternative version of CNBC’s Squawk Box by inviting professionals in the financial industry to login to the service and speak live via the web. Instead of talking about financial issues, we could instead discuss issues related to the social web. Ultimately such a show could be reproduced for any given topic. That’s the benefit of the web. So is this part of the social web? Of course!

The social web involves anything pertaining to communication among individuals via the web. Video is definitely one form of communication. Loic Le Meur’s new startup, Seesmic, is a great example of communication via video. Seesmic is ultimately the twitter of video. There are obviously a number of other video services on the web but the latest ones have got me thinking about how they are not only changing the face of media but also changing the social web. Are there any cool new video services that you’ve been taking advantage of?