Videogame, meet movie; movie, meet videogame

E3 (or for the uninitiated, the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is upon us, literally choking the streets with geeks.

And, as usual, a cacophony of announcements shouted from the holy minarets of the PlayStation. Among them:

— “World of Warcraft” a game that’s responsible for the demise of countless happy marriages due to its utterly immersive and massively multiplayer qualities, might become a movie. Warner Bros. Pictures-based financier, Legendary Pictures is developing the game for a film.

— In a stunning bit of chiasmus, news of a videogame becoming a movie is followed by news of a movie becoming a videogame: “Hellboy” the campy 2004 action movie directed by Guillermo del Toro is set to become a game at Konami – and one with del Toro developing with comic book creator Mike Mignola, no less. (At right: Ron Perlman, part of the KZLA “Save a horse, ride a Hellboy.” ad campaign.)

Michael Mann‘s “Heat” may also be coming to your living room console.

We’re getting carpal tunnel at the mere thought of it.