Video Posting, Poking and Holiday Apps Hit This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

An Italian app leads this week’s AppData list of Facebook’s emerging apps still under a million monthly average users, and two other foreign-language apps aren’t far behind within the top 10. Though few foreign-language apps are among the largest, there seems to be an ever-growing crowd with a few hundred thousand or million users.

We’re also seeing a few holiday-themed apps popping up. Take a look:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Video 4 You481,961+478,376+99.26
2. Lovers716,742+417,522+58.25
3. Send Glitter!593,362+320,966+54.09
4. World at War951,116+262,848+27.64
5. Demande à tes Amis635,674+238,503+37.52
6. 6 waves Gaming Network903,498+180,505+19.98
7. Friendship Gifts Special289,267+137,426+47.51
8. 開心農場 2680,743+136,774+20.09
9. Happy Chinese New Year355,105+135,117+38.05
10. St. Patrick’s Day (renamed)980,374+126,230+12.88
11. Mahjongg Dimensions205,238+124,941+60.88
12. A Special Bouquet Greeting!576,141+123,995+21.52
13. Top Fish606,527+117,859+19.43
14. SuperPocus401,640+116,010+28.88
15. Bracket Challenge by Citizen Sports165,709+109,335+65.98
16. SCRABBLE874,163+104,402+11.94
17. Flowers for Friends694,160+101,584+14.63
18. Di la Verdad!207,371+96,696+46.63
19. FaceDouble Celebrity Look-alike Doppelganger971,977+92,680+9.54
20. MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes261,672+89,712+34.28

Video 4 You, at the top of the list, is an Italian app used to dedicate YouTube videos to friends — a gifting app, essentially. It has gained all of its half million users during the single week since it was released.

Lovers, at number two, has been out a bit longer, but gained almost as many users in a single week as Video 4 You. This looks at first like a standard poking app, but there may be a bit more to it. “Soon,” says the app’s description, “Lovers will also allow you to be in multiple relationships at once.” If only it were so simple!

Next up is Send Glitter!, which is indeed a straightforward poking app. It has actually been around since 2008, too, with relatively low user numbers for some time. Why the sudden pop in growth? If the reviews on its page are to be believed, the app is auto-posting without user permission.

We mentioned the 6 waves Gaming Network when it appeared on this list last week; this app should perhaps be categorized with the games, because it’s just a directory of the developer 6 waves’ many games. At this point, the app actually has over a million users; Facebook’s recent slow updating left it listed here.

Finally, there are the holiday-themed apps we mentioned above: Happy Chinese New Year and St. Patrick’s Day (renamed). The Chinese New Year was a week ago, so the former will probably disappear quickly, while St. Patrick’s is several weeks ahead, so there’s still time for themed apps around that holiday to grow.