Video Goes Interactive With Zaplive TV is a Web site for anyone and everyone from all over the world to post “live” broadcasts and then chat with viewers about the broadcasts.

The Web site simply requires you to sign up (free of charge) and then connect your camcorder or Webcam to the computer. The Web site then detects the footage and loads it up to your Web page. Further, it allows you to chat with your viewers or post comments on other’s broadcasts.My initial question was how is this different from YouTube? Zaplive seems to cater more towards those who are interested in having or watching Web TV, rather than a singular video or download. You can start your own web TV or follow your favorite web TV station. It also offers a schedule of events just like a TV would as well as a page to search through recorded videos by date and length of time. is not only live but also interactive. Users embed their broadcasts to arbitrary external sites. Using live chat and voting, the users stay in touch everywhere and at any time and build a viral community that influences the quality of the specific broadcasts at the same time.

For those that are really interested in video downloads and the translation of TV to the computer, this is definitely an intriguing website to start downloading and viewing shows. Other than that, the video content on here is not really targeted towards the same audience as YouTube seeks out. You are more likely to find an interesting live video of a lion in the African Bush rather than your favorite Sarah Palin impression by Tina Fey.