VIDEO: 5 Internet of Things Devices That Grabbed OMD’s Attention at CES

Chief investment officer Ben Winkler walks us through the show

Camera: John Tejada; Editor: Breana Mallamaci

Looking for a cuddly robot? Or maybe you’re interested in a pair of shoes that can detect when you’ve fallen and call for help? Good news—CES has a startup for you.

Eureka Park, the area of the conference that focuses on startups, is full of Internet of Things devices and future-forward ideas. There’s Buddy, the self-roving robot whose eyes are programmed to show emotion. Then there’s AiPoly, a company that makes smart shelves that detects when consumers pick up snacks and food items and automatically charges them as they walk out of the store.

Much like other agencies, Omnicom this year scoured CES’ show floor to quickly put together tours and curated suggestions for marketers’ must-see devices.

OMD’s Ben Winkler boiled down the best of the best devices that marketers should know about. Watch the video above to see all five items.

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