Viadeo Raises $32 Million

LinkedIn isn’t the only professional social networking game in town.  We recently covered BranchOut, which is attempting to bring the educated job hunters to Facebook, but there’s also Viadeo, a Paris based professional social network with over 35 million worldwide users.  A great deal of Viadeo’s users come from European countries, and with a new $32 million infusion, the company may be attempting to spread their wings and compete with LinkedIn.

Bloomberg is reporting the news of the new funding, which includes $13 million from French soverign fund, FSI.  The money may be used to acquire other businesses, as Viadeo has acquired competitors in the past.  In 2008 they acquired Spanish competitor ICTnet.  In 2009, they acquired ApnaCircle, a 300,000 strong Indian professional social network.  They also acquired a Canadian content management company in 2009.

This explains Viadeo’s big numbers — they’ve acquired a whole series of users from the various websites they’ve purchased.  It doesn’t seem like those users are part of a cohesive professional social network yet, so it’s doubtful that they have 35 million monthly active users at this point, but if you check out the site at, you’ll see that they definitely have all the necessary parts of a professional social network.  I imagine they’ll continue to get new users at a fast pace.