Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab Fly-by Mini-Reivew at Local Costco

I tried to ensure an extremely quick run through Costco by not taking a shopping cart in with me. But, my trip to Costco became longer than expected when I noticed a Samsung Galaxy Tab at the cell phone concession stand (which is in the Costco store but, as I understand it, run by an approved vendor). I spoke with one of the two sales people in the booth. He let me install the Quadrant Android speed test to compare it with results from other devices. It landed right in the middle of the list of measured devices. It felt slower than my Nexus One and far slower than the speedy Droid Pro I took a look at last week (courtesy of a friend who bought it). Still, I was quite impressed by what I saw. I think its 7-inch display and proportinate chassis is the “right” size for “carryability”. It doesn’t need a giant man-gadget-bag for on-the-go protection.

But, the main point to me is that when something appears in Costco, it has become part of mainstream America. I recall thinking that when I first noticed large numbers of LCD TVs appear years ago. And, the appearance of a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet in Costco means that tablets are truly mainstream now.