Veoh Makes Web Video More Portable

NEW YORK Veoh has partnered with SanDisk, a company that produces memory cards and Flash drives for devices like PCs and digital cameras, to make online video more portable.

Consumers who purchase a SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash drive can now download video content from Veoh’s vast library, which includes a mix of long-form, professionally produced fare and user-generated clips, via a specially designed Veoh video player. Those consumers can then view those clips on any computer or portable device — whether or not it’s connected to the Web.

Theoretically, consumers can use the new SanDisk Flash drive to watch their favorite online videos in places where the Web is not available, such as on airplanes and subways — including premium content from sources such as the CBS Audience Network and Hulu.

In the past, those consumers might have to purchase such content through services like iTunes in order to consume it without a Web connection. That also mean’s that some advertisers’ messages have the potential to build larger reach.

Also, according to Veoh executives, SanDisk Cruzer USB drives leave no trace of whatever content users view on whichever computer or portable device they elect to use. These drives are also password protected, preventing other users from accessing any content downloaded onto the device in the case it is stolen or lost.