VChatter: A Growing, Chatroulette-Style Facebook Application for Video Chats

In case you missed the Chatroulette fad, a new Facebook application, VChatter, allows you to have a similar experience — if you’re willing to take the same sorts of exposure risks.

Beyond Chatroulette, the experience of using VChatter is similar to using Skype or any other video chat service, but on Facebook. VChatter was founded by Will Bunker, Hiltesh Parashar and Dan Owen to, according to their  Facebook Page, “revolutionize” social video interactions.

Traffic has been on the rise, too. According to AppData, the app currently has about 975,100 monthly active users, and it has had between 101,000 and 83,000 daily active users during the past week.

The installation process asks for permissions like most, then takes you to a screen divided into four  sections: Your friends list, your chat video, a place to chat by typing and the video of the person with whom you will chat.

Unless you have someone already waiting to chat on Facebook, you can press the “Chat Next Shuffle” button and the app will find you an app user with whom to chat. You can also invite friends both on and off Facebook to chat.

Unfortunately VChat seems to have similar pitfalls that Chatroulette did, namely some who use the app seem to have ulterior motives. On a recent Sunday half a dozen chat attempts yielded one woman and mostly men, several in various states of undress, looking for…romance?

Perhaps in an attempt to remedy this unstated use of VChatter, the app called for a VChatter Virtually Real Party last weekend to allow users to make new friends all over the world (presumably not involving self-exposure).

Ultimately, VChatter as a tool for meeting unknown people on Facebook seems like a good idea, provided other people have the same idea. After all, there’s nothing like putting a face to a name when you meet someone. But if what you’re looking for is simply to video chat, it doesn’t seem like VChatter offers much more than other video chat services.