Vayner Media Tricks Brooklyn Hipsters into Drinking Budweiser

Cool stunt for Anheuser-Busch.

In a campaign that doubles as a sneaky stunt, Vayner Media earned client Anheuser-Busch a thumbs up from that most difficult group of brand advocates: people who hang out at bars in Brooklyn. Yes, we speak from experience.

The agency invited “some hip young adults” to the opening of a new bar during last month’s Restaurant Week and had them try the hottest new brew, which was actually classic Budweiser (or, as our cousins in South Carolina call it, “Bud Heavy”).

The results may not surprise you:

For the record, this campaign isn’t quite as Catfish-like as it may seem: The Shop is a real bar, its barbeque looks pretty sweet, and the “cast” of this clip only SEEMS to be a group of extras from Girls.

Nice work, Vayner. But, despite our colleague Tim Nudd’s testimony, Budweiser is not a good beer.