Vatican’s Dove of Peace Attacked by Demon Seagull

During the annual Caravan of Peace this past Sunday, 2,000 members of the group Youth Catholic Action marched to the Vatican to hear the Pope speak and watch him release two white doves following the recitation of the Angelus prayer.

It was upon the release of these winged symbols of peace that things took a decidedly non-peaceful turn.

Accompanied by two children, Pope Benedict XVI released the first dove into St. Peter’s Square. After flying about in a somewhat disoriented state, the bird landed safely on a ledge above the Pontiff’s window. The flight of the second dove, however, did not go as smoothly. Right after landing on a ledge it was attacked by what one can only assume was a demon-possessed seagull from hell as the crowd of horrified youngsters looked on.

That–as any augur would likely tell you–could not have been a good sign.

Fortunately, the dove was able to fight off the seagull, once again reaffirming our faith that peace can win the day (but not without a bit of strife). Will the Pope offer up-to-the-minute commentary on this traumatic incident via his official Twitter feed? We don’t know–but millions around the world can’t wait to find out! Beat that, Bieber!