Variety of Facebook Connect Plugins Now Available for Bloggers and Wikis

Earlier today, Inside Facebook profiled the new Disqus Facebook Connect plugin for bloggers. Now, Facebook has officially launched a directory of vetted Facebook Connect plugins that includes Disqus, the WordPress plugin created by, the WordPress plugin created by Facebook engineer Adap Hupp, a Movable Type plugin created by Six Apart, an an experimental plugin for MediaWiki. Most of these plugins are open source, meaning they are free for developers to use and modify (with any appropriate attributions given, of course).

Here’s the full list of approved plugins as of today:

  • Disqus – Add Facebook Connect to the Disqus commenting system already on your blog or website
  • Movable Type – Open Source plugin by Six Apart which adds Facebook Connect to any Movable Type powered site and allows any Facebook user to sign in, comment, and share
  • WordPress plugin by Sociable – Open Source WordPress plugin which offers community features including showing recent visitors, inviting friends, and sharing comments with friends on Facebook
  • WP-FBConnect WordPress Plugin – Open Source WordPress plugin started by Adam Hupp which adds login and commenting to your blog with Facebook Connect
  • MediaWiki – experimental MediaWiki extension to incorporate Facebook Connect login and identity into your MediaWiki site

As we mentioned last week, Facebook Connect is increasing the authenticity (and quantity) of comments and discussion blogs that have adopted it thus far. However, many blog commenters have also vocalized the tensions of connecting all blog comments to your Facebook identity, pointing out that anonymity will always remain an important part of many kinds of online discussions.

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