Vanity Fair-use? Or plagiarism?

Just when we’d gotten past wanting to retch at the mere mention of another “Da Vinci” plagiarism claim, comes…another plagiarism claim.

Editor and Publisher today carries word that a chunk of the “Code” was borrowed from a scholarly paper, and two libel experts concur that the “Code” owes more than just a thank you to rival hostorical thriller, “Daughter of God.”


“…two libel experts say they are convinced Brown borrowed heavily from the Perdue book, despite Brown’s recent victory in court. John Olsson, the director of Britain’s Forensic Linguistics Institute, said, ‘This is the most blatant example of in-your-face plagiarism I’ve ever seen. It just goes on and on. There are literally hundreds of parallels.'”

Finally, [VF writer Seth] Mnookin hints that Dan Brown‘s wife, Blythe, may have been the source of some e-mails that most recent plagiarism plaintiff, Lewis Perdue, received from someone claiming to be “Ahamedd Saaddodeen.”

Anonymous emails from someone pretending to be someone else? Has anyone seen Michael Hiltzik hanging around Dan Brown’s place?