Launches Connect Support

Tonight announced that they now support Facebook Connect. It’s an interesting implementation in that uStream still requires you to register separately even after you’ve connected your Facebook account. I went through the registration process and ended up at a page which said “Facebook Connect close” and the statement “Welcome biznickman” (which is my username).

I navigated back to the uStream homepage and it appeared that the integration was successful. So what do you get with the new uStream integration? There are a few things. First, when you start a new broadcast, a pop-up window will ask you if you’d like to post a notification to your newsfeed. Second, once you’ve recorded a show, it will prompt you to post the recorded version of the show directly to your profile.

Third is when you create a new show. The creation of the show will now trigger a news feed story. The last feature is the ability to post a feed story stating that you are watching a channel. It’s a great way for you to help others promote their channels. Personally, I think Vimeo’s method of integrating their like feature and the auto-publishing of news feed stories is more effective in that users aren’t prompted to publish the story, it just happens.

Being able to automatically publish a news feed story requires extended permissions though and that’s something that doesn’t ask for when you “Connect” your Facebook account to the site. As far as I’m aware, uStream is the first live streaming video site (outside of the main stream media) to implement Facebook Connect. I’m guessing that we’ll see many more implementations coming in the near future.

Yesterday I posted about Nana 10, an Israeli news station, integrating the feature with their live election coverage, similar to’s integration. It appears that video is a popular platform for integrating with Facebook Connect. If you want to try out’s implementation of Connect, just head over to their site.

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