Us Weekly “Hot Stuff” editor arrested for soliciting a minor

We were tipped about this yesterday afternoon but Gawker has the full story: Us Weekly “Hot Stuff” editor Timothy McDarrah was arrested yesterday for soliciting a minor for sex on the internet; he allegedly attempted to make (and follow through with) an assignation with a 13-year old girl (but, unbeknownst to him, the “Thirteen-Year Old” was actually an undecover cop. An awful story, particularly for his family. The press release from the US Attorney’s office is at Gawker here. Apparently staffers were shocked but that’s probably the least shocking thing about it.

Update: An anonymous reader writes in, taking issue with my comment that it is an awful story, “particularly for his family” — the reader says his/her first concern is for minors with whom he may have been involved with in the past. To clarify: the awfulness for any affected parties is not mutualy exclusive. The whole thing is awful.