UrTurn Rewards you to Use Social Networks

urturn_logo.jpgThere are many reasons why people, like us participate in social networks. Be it to meet new friends, search for information, or simply to while away time. Most of us don’t get anything from visiting this social networks financially. So it would be great if every clicks, every comments, every stuff we share can be monetized if not at least rewarded, right? UrTurn aims to do just like that.

UrTurn is a social media company offering a unique opportunity for you to earn for your interaction and connection in social networks. Using a urPoints rewards system, UrTurn rewards you for the content you generate and the connections you make. These rewards have cash value and can be redeemed for some exciting prizes, like you know – an iPhone? Cool right?

So how can you start earning rewards? First register at UrTurn’s site. Install the application in your Facebook profile (MySpace applications coming soon!) and your own your way to earning rewards by simply using Facebook.

UrTurn rewards points can either be used directly to redeem items such as iPhone, iPod Touch and many more. Or you can turn them into cash at UrTurn’s marketplace. You need to have a paypal account to transact business at the marketplace though.

Here’s an example of how much you can earn by using Facebook:


Looks good?