Urban Outfitters Semi-Apologizes for Kent State Sweatshirt with Blood-Red Stains

The latest installment of the “Urban Outfitters hocks yet another terribly-offensive clothing item” saga centers around this Kent State shirt, complete with what looks rather unmistakeably like blood stains. enhanced-16199-1410759430-11

What was listed as a $129 “vintage” shirt struck most people who saw it as a tasteless, insensitive reminder of the Kent State Massacre that left four people dead in 1970. As the image swirled around the internet and outrage mounted, even Kent State itself made its disgust known, saying in a statement:

“We take great offense to a company using our pain for their publicity and profit…This item is beyond poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still hurts the Kent State community today.We invite the leaders of this company as well as anyone who invested in this item to tour our May 4 Visitors Center, which opened two years ago, to gain perspective on what happened 44 years ago and apply its meaning to the future.”

In response to the flood of complaints, Urban Outfitters issued a semi-apology for the product on Monday morning, saying “We deeply regret that this item was perceived negatively.”

Note the wording, there: they regret that it was perceived negatively — in other words, the blame is laid squarely on those doing the perceiving. The statement goes on to explain that the shirt itself was totally misunderstood, as it was actually “purchased as part of our sun-faded vintage collection,” adding that the bright red stains and holes were just “discoloration from the original shade of the shirt and the holes are from natural wear and fray.”

Right. And these Ganesh products shouldn’t have upset Hindus, and this “Depression” t-shirt wasn’t remotely insensitive. At this point, everyone here at PRNewser is pretty sure they’re just doing this on purpose as an “all publicity is good publicity” thing — that, or the buyers are the biggest group of moronic, sarcastic, insensitive, intentionally-inflammatory bunch of (insert expletives here) in fashion.