Urban Airship combines audience segmentation and iBeacon targeting with push messaging


Mobile relationship management company Urban Airship has unveiled its newest technology, bringing real-time mobile marketing automation and iBeacon targeting to push messaging. With the company’s newest tools, marketers will be able to better target users and offer individualized personalization based on the actions consumers complete within apps.

With Urban Airship’s new release, marketers can setup a variety of targeted, highly specific messages, which are pushed to users as they complete certain tasks. For instance, walking into a clothing department may trigger an iBeacon message offering seasonal or weekly specials to shoppers.

Depending on the specific department (women’s or children’s clothing departments, as examples), the delivery of this initial message could also automatically place those users into a matching segment of consumers to receive additional campaigns in the future. In Urban Airship’s example, walking into a children’s clothing department could place the user within the group to receive additional messages during back-to-school campaigns.

Elsewhere, this toolset allows marketers to target users with specific push messages based on their interactions with an app. For instance, after opening an app for the first time, users may trigger a welcome message that introduces them to the app’s main features.

From that point, additional messages can be sent to users based on their further interaction with the app, like sharing content with friends, leveling-up within the app, trying the app’s newest feature and so on. Users can also be targeted after they’ve failed to open the app for a set number of days.

“Our mission is to tell people what they need to know, when and where they need to know it, and we’ve done this for years with the world’s most adopted push messaging platform and a vocal focus on good push best practices,” said Scott Kveton, CEO and co-founder of Urban Airship.

“However, today marks a new, more relevant, personalized era for push notifications. The best organizations can now build off of prior push relevancy efforts including fine-grain user controls and deliberate segmentation and targeting, to respond to users’ actions in real-time, at scale, and with iteratively greater accuracy over time.”

More information on Urban Airship’s latest release is available on the company’s website.