Upsight’s mobile analytics platform now serves over 25,000 apps


App analytics and marketing platform Upsight (formerly Kontagent-PlayHaven) has announced new milestones for its platform, which now serves over 25,000 apps. The platform reaches 700 million monthly active users, and processes over 500 billion events each month. The Upsight platform helps developers measure the lifetime value of their users, and provides data on user acquisition, retention, engagement and monetization.

Today also marks the launch of the platform’s Custom Segmentation feature, which allows developers to target their users based on a variety of factors, including location, language, connection type, game version, hardware, number of played sessions, last session length and time, amount of money spent within an app, and even OS version.

Through a combination of these factors, alongside ones determined by developers, teams can create highly targeted user groups, and send them specific messages. This Custom Segmentation feature is available to Upsight’s Pro and Enterprise clients.

Since Upsight’s launch in mid-March 2014, over 3,000 new apps have joined the platform, from companies such as Backflip Studios, Black Tie Ventures, Changyou, Gamehouse Studios and SkyVu Entertainment.

“App developers are flocking to Upsight because we offer a comprehensive platform that eliminates unnecessary SDK integrations and because they need a platform that can scale rapidly,” said Andy Yang, CEO of Upsight. “We track several times the amount of data compared with the competition and we’ve proven that we can scale with our customers while offering them a dedicated team of experts.”

More information on the Upsight platform, and its new Custom Segmentation feature, can be found on the company’s website.