Updated Details on F8 Event

Facebook has posted updated details. on what panels will take place at their F8 event in San Francisco Later this month. Aside from a keynote by Mark Zuckerberg which will announced all of the new features on the platform, there will be three tracks that developers can take. While it appears that there will be a panel on developing on Facebook Connect there is no discussion of building on top of Facebook’s soon to be released payment platform.

This evening I was thinking about it more and the combination of Facebook’s payment platform with Facebook Connect could be a force to be reckoned with. For example imagine event payment solutions similar to Eventbrite which take advantage of social distribution channels (such as the newsfeed) and also accept payment. This is just one idea though.

The real thing that I’m waiting to see is the launch of Facebook’s payment platform. It appears to have been delayed significantly. Post in the comments if there are any other things you are looking for Facebook to announce. Here are a few of the panels at the event, check out the Facebook blog post for more details:

  • User Experience
    • Introducing the New Facebook Profile & More
    • Integrating Facebook Connect into your Website
    • Building Great Applications on Facebook
    • Design and User Experience at Facebook
  • Technical
    • Advanced App Building
    • Feed and Social Distribution
    • Building to Facebook Scale
    • Made for Mobile
  • Business
    • Building a Business on Facebook / Metrics & Analytics
    • Marketing your Application on Facebook
    • Entrepreneurship on Facebook Platform
    • fbFund: A Look Inside — Seeding Opportunity on Facebook Platform