Unreleased HP Touchpad Go Shows Up on Ebay

I hope you didn’t blink while reading gadget news on Saturday, because you missed your chance to bid on one of the rarest tablets in the world. HP’s 7″ webOS tablet mysteriously showed up on Ebay Saturday night.

The TouchPad Go was supposed to be a smaller and more powerful cousin to the 10″ TouchPad. Unfortunately, the original TouchPad fared so poorly on the market that the Go was never released. There have been hints of its existence, but this was the first concrete proof that some had made it into the wild.

Now,the Go had been caught going through the FCC,  and photos were leaked a few weeks ago. But this is the first time that the Go could have changed hands.

But it didn’t. The auction was only live for a few hours before it was pulled by Ebay. According to the email sent to bidders, someone (HP?) had filed a trademark or copyright infringement complaint over the auction. Ebay has a rule of taking auctions down immediately, and they did.

But bidding was brisk. The last bid, before the auction died, was $1500. That’s a heck of a lot of money, especially considering that was never supposed to have left HP’s labs.