Unnamed App Bug Confuses Thousands Of Facebook Users

Over the past 36 hours, a Facebook bug has been causing users to see an application installed on their account called “Unnamed application”. Facebook says that the bug has been fixed, however hundreds of people are continuing to post status updates about the issue. While users are claiming that it’s spyware, it’s a bug in Facebook which should not damage your account or computer in any way.

While the number of users affected by the bug is unknown, at the peak of the issue being reported, there were hundreds of people posting status updates about the issue every second. Yesterday evening we watched Facebook search as numerous users posted status updates like:

Has your facebook been running slow lately? Check your ‘application settings’, go into ‘added to profile’. If you see one in there called”un named app” delete it… Its an internal spybot. Pass it on…………

While a much greater percentage of status updates this evening are related to the Apple iPad announcement, there are still hundreds if not thousands of users posting about the error. Facebook however is saying that the issue has since been fixed. Unfortunately Facebook is not providing any other details but based on what users have been telling us, removing the application resulted in your boxes tab being removed from Facebook.

It was most definitely a strange bug, but it isn’t something that you should be overly concerned about. If you are still noticing this glitch, please let us know in the comments!

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