Unity adds monetization and publishing services to its Asset Store

Multi-platform engine and tools developer Unity today announced the debut of Asset Store: Online Services, a marketplace where game developers can integrate monetization and publishing services from companies like InMobi, inneractive and Xsolla.

For the last two years, the Unity Asset Store has allowed developers to buy and sell character models, textures and other tools and assets that can save time and effort in creating a game. Now, with Asset Store: Online Services developers can easily access and integrate into their products publishing tools and plugins such as enterprise level analytics, advertising, lifetime value maximization services and payment options. Other companies on the Online Services include Beintoo, Vivox, GamesAnalytics, Mixamo, Exit Games, Playhaven, Placeplay, Roar Engine, Treasure Data and Virtual Piggy with more to be announced soon.

Unity’s announcement follows YoYo Games’ own recent unveiling of monetization and analytics integration within its GameMaker: Studio cross-platform development tool. AdMob, Google Analytics, MoPub and others will be accessible in GameMaker through a free upgrade to version 1.1 of the popular tool.