United Talent Agency? A Little Less So This Morning: Aloni, Lotsa directors to CAA

Comedy is no laughing matter. We are the CAA borg. Prepare to be assimilated.

FISHBOWL L.A. EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood’s talent agents have a rich tradition of trying to nibble the competition to death, rather than swallowing it whole. Today, Creative Artists Agency took another bite out of United Talent Agency, luring over it UTA’s motion picture literary department head and agency partner, Dan Aloni.


Aloni is bringing to CAA a squadron of bigshot directors and writers, many from the comedy world, including Tom Shadyac (“Bruce Almighty,” “Patch Adams” etc.); “Wedding Crashers” director David Dobkin, “Batman Begins” helmer Chris Nolan, Michel Gondry (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) Dean Parisot (“the upcoming “Fun With Dick and Jane”).


Aloni also represents Judd Apatow (“The Forty Year Old Virgin”), though it’s not yet clear if Apatow will decamp UTA for CAA as yet. Certainly, a fire-offering of several UTA mailroom interns is being sacrificed on Apatow’s front lawn even as we speak.


It’s the second Creative Artists foray into UTA’s henhouse in as many months, and it’s clear what CAA is up to: Breaking the stranglehold UTA has enjoyed on comedies: Back in July, Daily Variety reported that UTA film agent Jason Heyman and UTA television talent head Martin Lesack left for CAA, taking with them comedy superstars Will Ferrell and Dave Chappelle, as well as numerous sitcom actors as clients.