Uncover mysteries and fight ghosts in Ghost Saga on Facebook

Image via Webgames

Ghostly Facebook games tend to fall in the hidden object genre, but Webgames’ newest Facebook game Ghost Saga breaks that trend. The exploration game sees players taking on the role of ghost fighter, exploring environments and uncovering secrets as they defeat ghosts and other evils with their magic wand.

Gameplay sees players bringing light to dark corridors and rooms, interacting with junk piles, searching bookcases, unlocking doors and so on, all in the name of exploring as much of a house or building as they possibly can. Quests give players a goal other than shooting for 100 percent exploration, and the game’s story plays out through plenty of text-based cutscenes.

These exploration moments require energy to complete, but players can ignore some items, like opening up spare chests or clearing excess debris piles, in order to save some of that energy. So long as they make their way from one end of a darkened building to another and complete the main tasks, completing the rest of the map seems to be voluntary.

Image via Webgames

In between investigation locations, players will have access to the town map, which contains additional locations to unlock and eventually explore. Some of these are blocked behind linear storyline progression, while others require players to simply reach a specific experience point level.

Coins come slowly in Ghost Saga, encouraging users to spend real money to purchase items, including tools, instead. Players can also purchase premium currency and energy to increase the time they can play in a single session.

Ghost Saga has grown to 126,000 monthly active users since its launch in late August, according to our app-tracking service AppData. The game has gained 63,000 users in the last seven days alone. It’s now available to play for free on Facebook.