UK’s Worst Rep Gets Up to Eight Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

max-clifford-214x300Our long international nightmare is over: Max Clifford, the man who taught far too many people that the best way to get attention is to make stuff up, has been handed eight sentences of between six and 24 months each, to be served consecutively.

His presence and outsized influence cast an unfortunate shadow over the UK’s PR industry for decades, and now–according to the judge in his case–he will spend at least four years in jail for crimes best unmentioned.

As much as we’d all like to forget Mr. Clifford, his ten-step guide to getting famous is still unfortunately relevant. And his number one client Simon Cowell, who has already left large footprint on our culture, doesn’t show signs of disappearing anytime soon–even though he couldn’t manage to sustain two simultaneous glorified karaoke contests on network television.

Now let us never speak of Mr. Clifford again.