UK’s Best-Known Publicist Also a Huge Pervert with a Tiny…Ethical Compass

max-clifford-214x300Max Clifford, the United Kingdom’s most infamous publicist and owner of amazing eyebrows, is doing a great job protecting his own reputation as a huge pervert with a very, very small…sense of ethics.

The hits keep coming from Clifford’s ongoing trial for various and sundry sex offenses. Let’s review the tabloid headlines, shall we? Clifford supposedly:

There’s more, and it’s all incredibly disturbing.

The one undeniable fact to arise from this comic look inside the British justice system: Clifford is lacking in more than one area. This week the trial judge had to instruct the jury to “settle down and remember where you are” after they couldn’t stop laughing at testimony regarding what a pathetically small man Clifford turned out to be.

This “King of Sleaze” and friend of Simon Cowell has a legendary reputation for staging stunts, and until recently he always ranked near the top of the PR Week UK “Power Book”—but even the country’s biggest tabloid announced that it would “shed no tears” upon his arrest in 2012.

We think it’s safe to say that, at this point, everyone in the industry wishes Mr. Clifford would just go away. And based on the testimony against him so far, we don’t think they’ll be disappointed.