UberMedia’s Twidroyd Updates Location Software

UberMedia and Skyhook announced Wednesday that Twidroyd, the top Twitter app on the Android platform, would incorporate Skyhook’s location system to replace the Android’s native location software, and improve its location-based functionality.

Twitdroyd is the leading Twitter app on the Android, and is among the most popular Twitter apps in the world. It is owned by UberMedia, Bill Gross’s Twitter-based company that has been in the news lately for its acquisition of TweetDeck and its growing empire which could clash with Twitter itself.

Twidroyd is available for free on any Android device running version 1.5 or above, and is also available as a premium version customized to the Android experience.

Skyhook technologies will enable this app to better serve Twitter users looking to capitalize on the geo-location functionality of the app, which can use geo-tagged location for photos and display the location of a given tweet.

Bill Gross has this to say of the new Twidroyd location system:

“Location is one of Twidroyd’s most popular features. The Skyhook SDK allows users to reliably tag current location in tweets and photos so that users can more closely connect and share with one another.”