Uan.Me Offers a Social Bookmarketing/Bookmarking Tool

Social bookmarking site Uan.Me boasts of two things – the first social bookmarking site built on the new DOT ME TLD, and it is a social bookmarking site geared specifically for website promotion/marketing, B2B and internet marketing. If Sphinn is a social bookmarking site for SEO-related web/blog items, Uan.Me is for social media and internet marketing.

Recognizing the need for reputation management, link building and marketing, was created to be the place where SEP firms and internet marketers can book bookmark their client’s websites and blogs. It also welcomes those who want to bookmark and share their favorite news stories, and other websites and blogs.

Uan.Me works pretty much the same as with your other social bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious and others). Bookmarked items which are voted by the community can be viewed either as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly categories.

Like Digg, members can bury items which they don’t want, vote (instead of Digg) for items that they like and promote it even on their website as links. Members can also comment on those voted items. And of course, a social bookmarking site will not be a social bookmarking site without the TAG CLOUD feature. Uan.Me has it on its sidebar, the top 5 Tags used by members of the Uan.Me community.

Ok, I would have to admit, that Uan.Me is a hybrid of Digg and But it’s cool, really.