U.S. News’s Walsh Honored

kenwalsh.jpgIt’s an award-licious day out there. Paul Bedard‘s Washington Whispers reports this week that U.S. News’s Kenneth T. Walsh will be the third recipient of the third recipient of the Fitzwater Center Award for Leadership in Public Communication at the Granite State’s Franklin Pierce College.

“Yes, that Marlin Fitzwater, spokesman to former Presidents Reagan and Bush and adviser to the media and public affairs school. Why Ken? ‘His career encompasses almost all of the objectives of our center,’ says Fitzwater. Besides covering the White House for U.S. News, Walsh has written four books about the presidency and headed the White House Correspondents’ Association. The prize? ‘You’ll love this,’ snickers Fitzwater. ‘You get a bronze medallion with my picture on it! This is the greatest ego trip ever. The only thing better than getting it is that I get to give it.'”

What’s second prize? A medallion with Scott McClellan’s face on it?