U.S. Census Bureau Counts on Facebook

The U.S. Census Bureau launched a Facebook page, which chief of customer research and marketing Joanne Dickinson told Inside Facebook is aimed at the social-networking site’s 20-something and minority-group users.

The page offers PDF guides to the Census in English and Spanish, as well as videos, press releases, a demo on how to fill out the form and Census-related news stories, according to Inside Facebook.

The Census Bureau also launched pages on YouTube and Twitter this week.

Dickinson told Inside Facebook:

In the past decade, communication shifted from being top-down to bottom-up, so, listeners, viewers and readers of Facebook, for example, choose the information they want to consume. We are aware of how people spread the word, in their own words, today. We know that people are more likely to trust themselves and their families and communities.

We just wanted to make sure in 2010 that we harnessed every tool possible. We’re spreading the word, getting the message out and letting them communicate among themselves about it.

One of those sectors that is hard for us to catch is those young, unattached residents and college students. One-third to one-half of the people on Facebook fit right into that sector.