Will You Be Joining This Twitition To #StopTheTrolls On Twitter?

Twitter may be protecting our privacy from spying government eyes, but is it also allowing Twitter trolls to harass us?

The Daily Telegraph in Sydney thinks so and so does Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy after unsuccessfully requesting Twitter release the name(s) of Twitter trolls that have been harassing Rugby league star Robbie Farah. The Twitter troll was allegedly making offensive comments about Farah’s late mother – and the abuse has continued.

Well, they are not taking Twitter’s stance lightly and have started a “twitition” calling for Twitter to #StopTheTrolls.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has accused Twitter of treating Australia’s laws with contempt over its failure to hand over evidence to authorities investigating cyber-abuse.”

Intensifying pressure on the company after several recent high-profile cases of cyber-abuse in Australia, Senator Conroy also said Twitter was acting as if it was “above the law”. . . . They’re now a global company, they have global responsibilities, and they should not treat sovereign nations like Australia, and our laws, with the contempt that they currently are,” Senator Conroy said on Sydney’s Radio 2GB today.

“But to be fair to them, they’re treating their own country’s laws with contempt . . . but ultimately good corporate citizens do not behave this way,” he said.

And the Daily Telegraph makes a reasonable argument when it says that free speech should certainly be protected, but it should not be something that Twitter hides behind, acting like it is not answerable to the community it serves. Particularly when folks are targeted by anonymous trolls “without any means of correction available to those who are targeted.”

Ultimately, they say, Twitter needs to take responsibility for its content. And “social media users shouldn’t be bullied by vile and unanswerable trolls.”

And here’s the Twitition:


Will you be signing it?

(Troll warning sign image from Shutterstock)

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