Twitter’s Next Acquisition Might Be AdGrok, But “It’s Complicated”

Rumors have been flying that Twitter is set to make another acquisition, this time in the “under $10 million” range. The company is eying San Francisco-based AdGrok, a platform that simplifies contextual keyword bidding within Google Adwords… but the deal is currently “complicated”.

TechCrunch first reported this story late last night, citing multiple sources that Twitter is in talks with AdGrok.

If this deal goes through, this would be Twitter’s second acquisition in as many weeks. Twitter purchased TweetDeck last week for a reported $40 million.

The sources cited didn’t give any hints as to whether Twitter would acquire the AdGrok talent along with its technology, or whether this acquisition would be purely for the tech. In either case, it’s likely that Twitter would use AdGrok for its business services, improving the bidding process on its own form of advertisement, Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts.

Twitter already has a dashboard in place that gives small and large businesses insight into their followers as well as the success of any campaign they run on Twitter. And, the company has expanded its once-expensive Promoted Products offerings (which reportedly cost upwards of $100,000 for a 24 hour trend purchase) to more affordable offerings for smaller businesses. All of this shows they’re serious about making money now, and an AdGrok buy would further refine their business backend.

However, as TechCrunch noted, the whole deal is “complicated” – AdGrok’s co-founder Antonio Garcia- Martinez has apparently changed his Facebook profile to read “Product Manager at Facebook”. I did a little digging around his profile this morning, and he is keeping quite mum on the whole issue, repeating TechCrunch’s “it’s complicated” conclusion to those who questioned the title change on his Facebook wall.

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