Google Has “Don’t Be Evil”, Apple Has “Think Different” – Do You Know Twitter’s Motto?

How many corporate mottos can you name? If you give it some thought, I bet you’ve got dozens jangling around in your brain. They’re inspiring at best, and insidious at worst.

Most companies have a motto – and Twitter’s no exception.

Twitter doesn’t have a public slogan, per se, but it does have a few mottos that it uses internally among employees.

GigaOm has the scoop on ten phrases that seem to guide Twitter’s company ethos.

Of the ten phrases, we’ve only got access to two of them: “Ship It” (which is less-than-inspirational), and “Defend and respect the user’s voice.”

Take a look at the picture of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters wall below to see the second motto in its habitat:

In addition to putting these two phrases and eight others on their walls, Twitter is reportedly etching them into custom laptops for their employees.

The other mottos have been blurred by GigaOm at Twitter’s request, its lawyer, Alex Macgillivray, saying that they would keep them internal for the time being.

Twitter has been a champion of user privacy in the face of multiple government requests for its users’ tweets, IP addresses and other information. The company has consistently appealed subpoenas for user information, releases transparency reports about where requests for information are coming from, supports Do No Track, and even received a near-perfect 3.5 out of 4 stars for protecting user privacy from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

While “Defend and protect the user’s voice” might not be as catchy as “Don’t be evil”, it certainly encompasses a lot of what makes Twitter uniquely Twitter. Plus, it’s pretty inspiring to boot.

What do you think about Twitter’s makeshift motto?

(Speech bubble image via Shutterstock)

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