Twitter’s London Office Taking Shape With Relocation Of First US Employee

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Twitter is finally making some moves to start their rumored London offices. A former San Francisco Twitter employee has just transfered to the UK – but where exactly is anyone’s guess.

Tony Wang (@tonyw) will be Twitter’s first UK-based employee. He relocated from San Francisco this weekend, and, according to his tweets, he is now based in London.

Wang didn’t specify where in London he would be working out of, so we’re still in the dark as to where Twitter’s London office will be located. Twitter has been considering London’s “Silicon Roundabout” for some time now, but TechCrunch theorizes that they might abandon this location in favor of a less tech and more sales-y spot in the big city, as Wang is in sales.

This London office, wherever it is located, will not necessarily be Twitter’s European HQ. They’re waiting to determine the best spot for a headquarters, with many speculating that Dublin would be their location of choice due to its extremely low corporate taxes. If this is the case, the London office would likely remain a sales office, as opposed to a central European hub.

Interestingly, the @TwitterUK account has been tweeting about setting up the Twitter UK office for some time, but it looks like the tweet is just a teaser:

And, according to the FT blog, the official word from Twitter’s VP of communications is that they’re going to open their London office despite the implications of having an office there amidst the super-injunction scandal currently going on:

“We are still planning on opening a London office soon. We haven’t made any decisions on a European headquarters yet.”