Twitter’s First And Only CTO Steps Down

Twitter’s first Chief Technical Officer Greg Pass has officially stepped down from the company. Pass had been with Twitter since the acquisition of his company Summize, which eventually became Twitter’s Search, in 2008.

TechCrunch reported late Friday that a source at Twitter had indicated Pass’ departure, and a tweet from Biz Stone later that day confirmed it:

Prior to becoming Twitter’s CTO, Pass worked as its VP of Engineering.

As ReadWriteWeb notes, Pass had done some fantastic things on the technical side of Twitter, but he was never really in the spotlight. He was a “quiet, humble and very smart man” according to his coworkers. And, despite the fact that he’s tweeted over a thousand times, none of his tweets refer to his work at Twitter. Pass (@gregpass) hasn’t tweeted since April 19th, and hasn’t addressed his departure publicly.

There’s been no word yet about who will replace pass in the all-important role of Twitter’s CTO, nor any indication from Pass about what he will move onto next.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

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