Twitter Wins The Bronze For Olympic Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Forever known as the first true “Sharing Olympics,” athletes participating in the events in London this summer were subject to insane levels of scrutiny – and they didn’t disappoint.

Between the Twitter tiffs, the misguided online posts both about and by the athletes and, of course, the fantastic abilities of the althetes, we were enthralled. And although our online participation is only one measure of how much time we devoted to watching and talking about these events, it’s still pretty amazing.

So can you guess who won the Gold for Olympic sharing? It wasn’t Facebook!

So just how much did we share? According to this Infographic by Radium One, a company offering “social advertising for the Open Web,” we posted roughly 306 BILLION pieces of content about the Olympics on the open web – and there were 102 billion Facebook shares and more than five million tweets.

This is great for the Olympics (and its sponsors), of course, but translates into a significant loss in office productivity. (Cue the violin.)

“It was expected that Facebook and Twitter would be the primary social network preferences for sharing Olympics news, photos and videos. But what’s interesting is that, in addition, every day millions of users shared through email and lesser known channels like Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Pinterest,” said Rebecca Watson, Vice President of Business Development at RadiumOne.

Were you an online Olympiad?


(Runner with Olympic torch image from Shutterstock)