Twitter Finally Updates App For Windows Phone

All you Windows Phone mavericks have reason to celebrate today! Twitter has finally updated the windows phone app so you can tweet from your phone using the same nifty features as the rest of us.

We’ll run through them quickly for you, as we know you’re short on time, being so cutting edge and all.

Last October, Twitter promised to build an updated app for Windows 8. It promised, and it lied. Kind of. “Months ahead” could mean four months.

But, no matter. It’s here now. And it includes “several features that make it easier for you to discover and share the content that matters to you.”

Four new tabs to help you navigate:

  • Home: View Tweets from the accounts you follow; tap a Tweet to expand it and see more content, such as photos, videos and website summaries
  • Connect: Keep up with your mentions; see who has followed you or retweeted or favorited one of your Tweets
  • Discover: See trends, and find new content on Twitter –– browse categories, find friends on Twitter and see suggestions for accounts to follow
  • Me: Read and respond to your direct messages; see your lists, favorites and more; view and update your profile

And you’ll have tweet and search icons (of course) and, best of all, live tiles, allowing you to “Pin Twitter accounts, lists and searches to your start screen, giving you quick access to some of your favorite Twitter content.”

And here’s a visual for you, showing a shiny phone!

And please, windows phone users, know that we kid you about being “mavericks” because we’re secretly jealous of your phone – or at least I am after reading this review of Windows Phone 8 from PC Mag.

(Twitter image from Shutterstock)