Twitter Will Start Selling Half of All Tweets for $360,000/Year

In a partnership announcement last night it was revealed that Twitter will sell commercial access to streaming tweets. Companies will be able to purchase a portion of all tweets and use the data for analytics purposes. This deal was announced on the Gnip blog, the partner that will manage the sale of streaming tweets to interested companies.

According to the Gnip blog, there will be three packages of Twitter feeds sold at the outset:

  • Twitter Halfhose – composed of 50% of all tweets
  • Twitter Mentionhose – composed of all mentions of a Twitter user, including @mentions and re-tweets
  • Twitter Decahose– composed of 10% of all tweets

ReadWriteWeb reports that Gnip disclosed the pricing of these datastreams during an interview.

A Halfhose will cost $360,000 per year, while 5% of tweets will cost $60,000. No word on what the Mentionhose or Decahose will cost, but the aforementioned price points give a pretty good indication of how much they will likely go for.

ReadWriteWeb also reports that only Twitter will be selling 100% of the datastream.

The data gathered from any of these datastreams will only be available for analytics purposes, not for display purposes. This means that developers must stick to creating analytics tools – a product in huge demand right now – rather than building widgets or programs that display the tweets they purchased.