The Who, Why And How Of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week we looked at updated research from Symosos that took a detailed look at the Twitter ecosystem, suggesting that the network was increasingly skewing towards a male, non-white demographic, and that some 13% of all online adults in the USA were now active on the platform.

This contrasted with previous data which proposed that the typical Twitter user was female, white and in their mid-30s.

Now, a new infographic has taken a deeper look at Twitter’s infrastructure, citing data from several sources, and revealing information on the who, why and how we use Twitter.

The study suggests:

  • The typical Twitter user is a 20-something hispanic female
  • The most popular reason for using Twitter is to keep in touch with friends
  • 72% of people use Twitter to post personal updates
  • 24% check Twitter several times each day
  • Of the millions of tweets created every day, some 71% produce no reaction (replies or retweets)
  • 0.05% of Twitter’s total population – that is, the 20,000 or so Twitter ‘elites’ (celebrities, news outlets, brands etc) – receive 50% of all the attention
  • 72% of the top US companies have a Twitter account