Twitter Valuation at $3.7B in December, Rises to $4.1B in January

Twitter stocks are on the rise, even though they’re not being traded publicly. According to recent reports, the company is now being valued at $4.1 billion, just weeks after an investment from Kleiner Perkins valuing it at $3.7 billion.

Twitter announced the $200 million investment from Kleiner Perkins and a handful of other investors on December 15th 2010. This investment meant that Twitter was being valued at $3.7 billion, up from just $1 billion a year earlier.

But it looks like Twitter’s skyrocketing valuation isn’t slowing down yet.

Just weeks after closing their latest round of funding, the Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter is currently being valued at $4.1 billion by a “‘special purpose’ secondary fund set up by New York-based Felix Investments.”

This fund (dubbed Pipio, Latin for tweet) distributed an email to potential investors, urging them to get in on the $4.1 billion valuation before it increases:

“We are closing next week on our Twitter fund (Pipio Associates). This stock is series C and it is priced at $22 per share which is an implied valuation of $4.1 billion. That is just $200 million more than the value Kleiner Perkins just put their $150 million in. Our next close after this will be $26 per share.”

It looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for Twitter. They will likely expand their Promoted Products advertising suite, begin to roll out analytics to the general public, and see revenue growth through selling the Twitter datastream. Investors might just be wise to get in on the action while they can.