After #Instagram’s Spammer Purge, #Twitter Must be Bigger Now. Right?

After #Instagram’s Spammer Purge, #Twitter Must be Bigger Now. Right?

Photo-sharing social app Instagram has removed millions and millions of profiles that were believed to be spam accounts, in a move that has angered many users.

The cull, which has been deemed the “Instagram Rapture”, has seen seen many legitimate users lose a significant percentage of their followers.

Rapper Akon lost 4.37 million of his followers, representing 56 percent of his total.

Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Sean Combs also saw their follower tallies fall dramatically.

But the biggest loser was the official Instagram profile, which declined by 18.8 million followers, or 29.4 percent.

After #Instagram’s Spammer Purge, #Twitter Must be Bigger Now. Right?

Which leads us to an interesting conclusion: in the world of social media, Instagram must now be smaller than Twitter.

Last week it was reported that Instagram had 300 million users, which made the platform bigger than Twitter, which has 284 million users.

However, even accounting for just Instagram’s own followers following the spammer purge, Twitter must be, once again, bigger than Instagram.

After all, 300 million minus 18.8 million equals 281.2 million.

If you factor in everybody else in the cull, even accounting for the same spammers being deleted from a number of accounts, Instagram could be a lot smaller.

And Twitter has probably added at least 5-10 million users to its total since it last reported the metric on October 27th.

Which means that, right now, Twitter could be at least 5 million users bigger, and possibly as many as 15-20 million. Or more.

Game on.

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