The UK Now Has 10 Million Active Twitter Users (And 80% Connect Via Mobile)

It’s been less than a year since Twitter opened their London offices, but new data from the micro-blogging company has revealed how popular the network has become in the United Kingdom.

The numbers are impressive: Twitter now has 10 million active users in the UK, and 80 percent of those access the platform via mobile.

The figures were unveiled by the @TwitterUK account earlier this morning.

Globally, Twitter has 140 million active users, which means that the UK represents around 7 percent of the total membership. This indicates the strength of Twitter’s presence in the UK, as the country’s total populace of some 62 million people represents less than 1 percent of the global population.

Overall, one in every six people in the UK has an active Twitter profile. Mobile phone usage in the UK has always been strong and ahead of the curve, so it’s not surprising that so many have embraced the use of Twitter whilst on the move. Twitter’s global average for mobile usage is 55 percent, which indicates just how active the UK is in this area.

Twitter UK has also seen considerable success with its promotional arm – more than 140 UK brands, including Walkers, Marks & Spencer, Cadbury and the British Heart Foundation, have advertised on Twitter since the UK launch of their Promoted Products last year.