Twitter to Sell up to 10K Keyword Filters from Fire Hose for 30 Cents an Hour

While Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts are the more visible of Twitter’s two main revenue-generating offerings, tweets from the fire hose is probably more interesting to developers. And this side of things just got a lot more interesting: in a new partnership announcement, Twitter will now be selling over 40 points of data attached to each tweet and up to 10,000 keyword filters, for just 30 cents an hour.

So what does this mean in layman’s terms? Basically, each tweet has 40 different pieces of data attached to it. Things like a unique ID, tweet creation date, the author’s bio, the number of users he or she is following, when the account was created, the number of favorites he or she has, and much, much more. These pieces of data will now be used as filters by Twitter’s newest data partner, MediaSift.

As ReadWriteWeb reports, anyone interested in purchasing tweets from the fire hose can apply as many as 10,000 keyword filters and pay only 30 cents per hour of receiving tweets. Customers can slice tweets along any of the 40 aforementioned data points, to get at the tweets they really want to see. Plus, MediaSift will incorporate Klout and other services to expand the data.

Anyone purchasing tweets from MediaSift will be able to define things like “tweets from marketers who have been active for at least 1 year” or “tweets about Microsoft from execs who are following at least 350 users”. And, for an additional price, MediaSift can even pinpoint tweets by location.

Twitter had previously announced a partnership with Gnip, selling half of all tweets from the firehose for $360,000 per year. This price was prohibitive to most developers, and the MediaSift announcement should be much, much cheaper, depending on the type of data you need to pull from Twitter.

This has powerful implications for the developer community, which can now access affordable, targeted tweets from an official source.

While this is in closed alpha for now, ReadWriteWeb reports that MediaSift has said it will open up its services to the public in the coming weeks.