Twitter Splits With PR Firm Edelman After Only 3 Months

After only three months, Twitter has parted ways with PR firm Edelman, which it hired to help educate the public about the network.

It was a short, but apparently passionless, relationship.

According to reports from AdAge, the relationship between Twitter and Edelman turned sour within weeks of starting.

Back in September, Twitter hired Edelman to help with its public relations. At the time, it was speculated that Twitter was looking for an agency to educate the public about the upcoming iOS integration among other product launches.

However, AdAge reports that management changes at Twitter caused the new relationship to take a turn for the worst.

Several prominent execs at Twitter left between Edelman’s hiring and its parting of ways, including its former VP-consumer marketing Pam Kramer and its head of communications Sean Garrett.

An executive from Edelman gave AdAge some details about the split:

“We were asked to present some ideas on how they could engage consumers. We did what we were asked and sort of moved on. It wasn’t material for our [West Coast] operations, let alone Edelman. It would not have a been a large account for us or for anyone other than a very small boutique. It was less about the money than the opportunity to work with Twitter.”

Twitter offered no comment.

And from the sounds of it, Twitter isn’t looking for a new PR agency any time soon.

(Top image: Artsem Martysiuk via Shutterstock)