Will Twitter Surpass LinkedIn As The Top Social Recruiting Channel? [STATS]

Job hunters, head hunters and everyone in between naturally gravitate to LinkedIn for all their recruiting needs. But that trend could be changing, according to new stats from social recruiting solutions provider Gozaik: Twitter is poised to become the number one social recruitment tool out there, beating out rivals like LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you’ve never searched for a job on Twitter before, you probably have no idea just how active a recruitment tool it can be.

Just to give you an idea, Gozaik announced that there are more than 500,000 social job announcements released on Twitter each and every month… meaning that over a million job postings are announced on Twitter every 60 days. And this breaks down to more than 15 jobs posted to Twitter every, single, minute.

Based on the fact that the average number of jobs posted to Twitter each month has grown by about 32 percent in the past half a year, the network is estimated to reach a massive 2 million job postings per month by the end of 2014.

Gozaik also found that the jobs posted to Twitter are quite diverse. Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of the positions are in the IT or sales industries, while 15 percent are in the dental and medical fields.

Joe Budzienski, co-founder of Gozaik, explains that the job market might actually be better than it seems, but that job postings are simply migrating to Twitter:

“I feel we are often looking in the wrong place to get an accurate portrayal of the job market. In fact, they are creating a perception that it is worse than it actually is. Millions of enterprises are demonstrating that they are still hiring, but are opting to recruit on Twitter as it is cost effective.”

The data was gathered using Gozaik’s Social Recruiting Index, which provides real-time insights into the jobs posted to Twitter.

(Source: Gozaik; We want you image via Shutterstock)