Up Next From Twitter: A Sky Bridge

Up Next From Twitter: A Sky Bridge

Twitter has proposed building a sky bridge between its two main buildings in San Francisco.

Twitter essentially has two headquarters in the city – 1 10th St. and 1355 Market St. – and the company wants to link the offices to make it easier for its employees to move between buildings.

“It’s simple efficiency – it would take at least five minutes per employee to go down an elevator, out of one building, into the other, and up the elevator to the right floor,” Twitter said in a statement to Bloomberg.

The project is awaiting approval from city officials.

Twitter moved into its current HQ in June 2012, largely because of a tax saving. The Central Market neighbourhood is under development and San Francisco officials offered Twitter and other companies a tax break to entice them into the area. And while some might see the sky bridge as a convenient way for Twitter to avoid having to mix with the proles in the streets below, the company sees things differently.

“We have a commitment to this neighbourhood, and are building an urban campus that works for our employees and the community all the same,” said Twitter.

(Sky bridge image via Shutterstock.)